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As the worlds most acclaimed leaky investigator, it is your job to identify the cunning and often evasive culprits that are leaking documents from the Department of Top Secret (D.O.T.S).

To succeed, simply click the person you believe is leaking, but be aware, if you are wrong you will be punished.

Good luck Leaky Leeks!

How to play
Keep a eye on all the office workers. One of them is going to leak a top secret document.

Top secret documents can only be obtained from an archive.

Documents from the type writer and courier are not top secret.

Top secret documents may NOT be given to the courier or thrown in the trashcan as it can then leave the office.

Click the office worker that leaks the top secret document before the time runs out.

Jonas Tingmose (Programming)
Robin Theilade (Programming)
Søren Boserup (3D, SFX)
Thor Damsgaard (3D, 2D)


2016-04-14 20:10

Tweaking the audio levels

Made it more difficult to guess the culprit

2016-04-14 18:08
Randomized worker names to make it more difficult to guess the culprit
Added more office worker names
Enabled skipping the intro
Tweaked the audio levels

More information

Published353 days ago
Release date352 days ago
AuthorRobin Theilade
Tagsleak, leek, party, survailance
Average durationA few minutes

Install instructions


1) Download the game

2) Unzip the downloaded "LLATLD Win xxxx-xx-xx-xxxx.zip" file

3) Start the game by double clicking the "LLATLD.exe" file


LLATLD Win 2016-04-10-1528.zip (49 MB)
LLATLD Win 2016-04-14-2010.zip (49 MB)

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